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Red Velvet Media TV and Film... specialize 

in film, video content, photography, music videos , videography , documentaries , special events , anything you want to capture! 

Red Velvet Media TV And Film offer complete services for documentaries, corporate meetings, interviews, conferences, live events, artistic projects, photography. No matter what stories you want to tell, documentaries you want to bring to the world, visual tours and showcasing your events.. 

Red Velvet Media TV & Film would love to help bring your MESSAGE  to the world ! MEDIA MATTERS!

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With film and video content more popular than ever, we help our Clients with the creative professionals needed to make content to delight your target audiences. No matter what goals you want to achieve, Red Velvet Media TV and Film help you find the qualified  professionals and resources you need to make your ideas become a reality anywhere around the world.

We work with some of the Top professionals in the industry and Red Velvet Media TV and Film help create your vision.

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About Holly and Red Velvet Media TV & Film

Much more than Radio, Film , TV & Media

 Holly Stephey is the founder and CEO of Red Velvet Media and is an established producer and CEO of the popular radio show

               "Red Velvet Media ® Blogtalk Radio." 

As the host of Red Velvet Media ®, Holly has worked with an impressive list of pop culture icons including authors, Film  Makers, artists, photographers, fashion designers, and a who’s-who of some of the most legendary musicians in the industry.

Red Velvet Media also produces and hosts Pop Up events globally.

Holly Is A California Delegate for the One Foundation, California Ambassador and a member of Max's Kansas City extended family, Ambassador for Food4africa, Love Ambassador for the Love Foundation , Ambassador for the World water Foundation, Film Judge for “The Southeastern International Film Festival” 

There are many more foundations and organizations that Holly is involved with far too many to list, but she does things for the better of the World and to help people see the good in all.

"Holly believes there is a spiritual path to everything,and hopes to bring about an increased awareness of spirituality through the exploration of music and the arts, as well as by furthering the efforts of the many organizations that share her vision of hope and love for the world."

*Holly Stephey 2019

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Red Velvet Media is a boutique Hands on Media firm located in the heart of California's wine country.


We can go global and serve anyone despite their location.

We have respected long term relationship's with the entertainment industry's pioneers.